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“After being injured in a rear-end auto accident, I went to one of those large law firms I had seen ads for on television. While they advertised being caring and client focused, I was never able to reach a fair settlement for my injuries and I never felt they believed me. When I changed attorneys and hired Ralph Bradley I finally felt like I had an attorney I could trust that believed me. Mr. Bradley filed a lawsuit for me and was able to settle my case for over three times the amount my first attorney was able to negotiate. I highly recommend Ralph Bradley for auto accident claims.”

˜ Sarah M.

Personal Injury: Damages You Are Entitled To

You are entitled to money for the following types of damages or injuries:

  1. Your current medical bills. For the first year, these are paid by your insurance carrier. Between the first year and when your case settles, there are several ways to pay for your medical care. First, if you can afford it, you can pay the bill when it becomes due and seek reimbursement when your case settles. Alternatively, you can request your personal health insurance carrier to pay for your medical care with the written promise that you will reimburse them from any settlement. Or, your attorney can negotiate with your medical provider to pay for your medical expenses when the case settles.
  2. Your future medical bills. You are entitled to receive money to cover the reasonably anticipated costs of your future medical care. Unfortunately, that can only be determined by the best judgment of your physician and, despite their best efforts, they are often wrong in predicting the cost of future medical care. When you settle, you should receive a sum estimated by your physician to cover the cost of your future medical bills.
  3. Your general pain and suffering. This is compensation for the pain you’ve gone through because of the injuries you suffered. Headaches, back aches, broken bones, bulging discs, and "whiplash" are all examples of the types of injuries that cause pain. You will receive money because you suffered those injuries and the pain that accompanies the injuries. That’s the good news. The bad news is that some people say there is no sum of money that can adequately compensate them for the pain they’ve endured. As a former educational psychologist, Mr. Bradley is uniquely qualified to understand emotional issues and how they relate to your claim for damages.
  4. Interference with your enjoyment of life and loss of your normal activities. These are related and are clear. If you exercised by walking two miles a day but couldn’t walk for six months following your accident, you are entitled to receive money for having the activity of walking taken away from you. The same is true if you painted, crocheted, gardened, or did any other regular activity.
  5. Lost Wages and Lost Economic Opportunities. If you were employed when you were injured, you are entitled to 100% of your lost wages. Doctors often release patients from work and if that happens, or if you simply are not able to work, you are entitled to your lost wages. If you did not have employment when you were injured, and you had reasonably expected future employment, you are entitled to recover your lost economic opportunity. Thus, if you were un-employed when injured but had a job lined up to start a week from the day you were injured, and you could not start that job for three weeks, you would be entitled to the wages you would have earned had you started work when planned.
  6. Damage to Your Vehicle. As stated above, you are entitled to have your car repaired at a reputable dealership if the costs of the repair are less than the value of your car. If the cost to repair your car is greater than what your car is worth, then you are entitled to the value of an equivalent vehicle (same type of car, similar condition, and similar miles).
  7. Injuries to Others. Anyone with you in your car at the time of the collision is also entitled to the same type of damages if they are injured. In some situations, your spouse may be eligible to receive damages based upon injuries to you. These would include situations where you weren’t able to do normal work around the house or where there was a loss of affection between the two of you because of your injuries.

Free Consultation

We offer a free consultation with anyone injured in any type of situation. We will discuss with you in more detail how to determine who is at fault and what types of damages you may be entitled to. We will also instruct you about how to complete a journal to assist with your case.

We have represented many clients who were injured in automobile accidents, bicycle accidents, exposure to harmful chemicals, slipping and falling at a business, when they were intentionally struck, and when products were defective and did not work correctly.

The Court keeps statistics on personal injury lawsuits. More than 90% of these settle, even after a lawsuit is filed. Good lawyering will increase the likelihood that your case will settle.

We would be honored to assist you obtain a fair settlement for your injuries and whatever damages you are entitled to. Call us at 541.344.3446 for your free consultation.

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