Personal Injury Law:

“Thank you Ralph for all your hard work and dedication in helping me through all my hard time in the courts. You represented me through it all and we won every time. Thank you.”

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Personal Injury Law

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Most people think of automobile accidents when they think of personal injury. And automobile accidents are the most common form of personal injury. However, there are many other types of situations where someone’s negligence, or lack of care, can cause an injury.

In addition to helping people injured in automobile accidents, our law firm has represented people injured:

  1. When they died because of someone’s negligence;
  2. When they slipped or fell at grocery stores, gasoline stations, or parking lots;
  3. When struck by falling objects at a department store;
  4. When caught in an automatic door that didn’t close properly;
  5. When their physician did not provide care that was standard in our community; and
  6. When they were unwillingly exposed to harmful chemicals.

Each type of case requires different types of proof. For slip and fall injuries, for example, the item that causes the slip must be on the floor long enough so that the owner should have cleaned the floor, preventing the injury, or the owner should have posted signs warning of the slippery floor.

In claims against a professional, including physicians and attorneys, a person injured must show that the professional violated a standard of care. That means that the professional didn’t do something that most other professionals would have done, or that the professional did something that other professionals would not have done. It is not enough that a professional uses bad judgment unless the professional, at the same time, violates a community standard of care.

Most personal injury claims must be resolved within two years. If not, a lawsuit must be filed to protect your rights.

Most personal injury claims are settled without filing a lawsuit. And even after a lawsuit is filed, most cases are settled without the need for a trial.

We request that all clients keep a journal from the date of their injury. Journal entries describe specific types of pain our clients have on individual days as well as normal activities that can’t be done because of the pain. That type of information is very helpful when it is time to write a settlement offer or if your case is one that requires a trial. Our fee agreement requires all clients to strictly follow the advice of their treating physicians. This helps you get better physically and removes any claim that you have problems because you didn’t follow your doctor’s orders.

Settlement of personal injury claims is usually done when you become “medically stationary.” That means that you have either completely healed or that you have reached a point where doctors can make good predictions about your health and your need, if any, for continued medical care.

Once you become medically stationary, we obtain all of the chart notes from the physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, and others with whom you treated. We use that information, along with your journal, to write a letter that suggests settlement. You participate in that process by reviewing the letter before it is sent and agreeing on the amount you believe your claim is worth.

It is now required that cases claiming injuries less than $50,000 participate in mandatory arbitration. Attorneys are arbitrators and evidence is presented to them, just as it would be if it were a trial. The important difference is that doctors notes can be used instead of calling doctors as witnesses. That saves a great deal of cost. I am an arbitrator and have arbitrated a variety of cases, including personal injury.

Our law firm has represented people with personal injuries for over 28 years. Good settlements don’t happen magically. They require hard work and preparation. We will do both for you.

Free Consultation

We offer a free consultation with anyone injured in any type of situation. We will discuss with you in more detail how to determine who is at fault and what types of damages you may be entitled to. We will also instruct you about how to complete a journal to assist with your case.

We have represented many clients who were injured in automobile accidents, bicycle accidents, exposure to harmful chemicals, slipping and falling at a business, when they were intentionally struck, and when products were defective and did not work correctly.

The Court keeps statistics on personal injury lawsuits. More than 90% of these settle, even after a lawsuit is filed. Good lawyering will increase the likelihood that your case will settle.

We would be honored to assist you obtain a fair settlement for your injuries and whatever damages you are entitled to. Call us at 541.344.3446 for your free consultation.

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