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Modification of Child Custody, Parenting Time, or Child Support

Child custody, support, and parenting time can all be modified. To modify parenting time, a parent needs to show only that the change is in the child’s best interests.

To modify support, a parent needs to demonstrate that a “change in circumstances” has occurred, i.e., that one parent’s income has gone up or down. Child support is also reviewed automatically every three years if one parent requests a modification.

To modify child custody, a parent must show first that a “change in circumstances” has occurred (one of which addresses the custodial parent’s lessened ability to parent or the non-custodial parent’s increased ability to parent) and that the change is in the child’s best interests.

Motions to modify custody and parenting time are typically placed on the trial calendar and are treated like regular divorce trials, except that the issues are limited.

We always ask that the other party reimburse our client for attorney fees and costs, and the other party will probably ask that our client pay the other side’s attorney fees and costs. The court has discretion to award attorney fees but usually requires each side to pay their own. That is not true if one side has been unreasonable and/or if one side has a significantly greater income than the other. You must win, though, before you are entitled to ask the court to make the other parent pay your attorney fees.

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