Our Personal Message

We believe there are advantages in remaining a small law firm. For example, being small allows us to give our clients special attention. We do not give cases to "junior associates." When you call, we know who you are.

We believe the best way to handle anyone’s legal problem is to be honest. Hard work almost always prevails over good luck. Being nice and respectful almost always works better than being nasty and angry.

Our law firm believes strongly in settling cases. However, settling cases usually requires that the case be well-prepared for trial. Compromise comes about when both sides have some worry concerning the outcome. And worry about an outcome usually happens when the attorney has worked hard to prepare a case correctly.

If our clients do not receive a fair settlement offer, we take cases to trial to let a jury or judge decide who is right.

Lawsuits, including divorces, do not have to be awful experiences. If one party treats the other with respect, then respect is usually returned. If one person is pleasant but firm, the other is more likely to be pleasant and firm. Having different positions is not a problem if both sides work hard to respect one another while resolving their differences.

There is a "bottom line" in hiring attorneys. Most clients want two things. The first is to "win." The second is to feel good about themselves while winning. Hard work usually takes care of the first. Respect for everyone usually takes care of the second.

Having said all of that, we recognize that clients don’t hire attorneys to come in "second." Therefore, we represent our clients as zealously as the law allows - the same as we would want to be represented if we were the client.

If you have been injured, have received a settlement offer, and are looking for an attorney, we guarantee that if you hire our law firm, you will not receive less than what you were offered - even after paying attorney fees.

In injury cases, our fee is a percentage of what you win. If you don’t win, you don’t owe us any fees. In divorce, child custody, and other similar cases, we charge an hourly rate.

We will work hard for you.

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