Client Testimonials

I hired Ralph Bradley in May 1999 to assist me with custody and support issues concerning my daughter. Ralph provided me with outstanding legal service and support. He is a wonderful, kind, caring, and compassionate man who listens and understands my point of view. Ralph continues to represent me with legal issues today. I would highly recommend Ralph Bradley to anyone needing legal representation for any domestic situation. Ralph Bradley is an attorney worth retaining!

- DawnMarie Powers orange line spacer

Ralph Bradley is a fantastic attorney. He is prompt, kind, and listens. I was looking for an attorney to help me with my ex-husband on some divorce issues and found Ralph. He is strong and confident and gets what he goes after. I appreciate all that he has done for me, and I recommend him to everyone.

- Debbie Berg orange line spacer

My husband and I had very difficult custody proceedings and were told by several lawyers not to pursue the matter because we could not win since the child we were trying to get custody of was not biologically related to us. When we first met with Mr. Bradley, he told us the case would be extremely difficult to win but that he would give us his best advice and support. He did exactly that. We won our case after a very long and emotional court battle. The end result was far more than we ever expected. Without Mr. Bradley’s stellar representation, our family would be incomplete today. We thank Mr. Bradley every night when we kiss our daughter and tuck her into bed. We highly recommend Mr. Bradley to those in similar situations.

- Malinda and Bryan Bash orange line spacer

Exceptional, brilliant, and compassionate about his clients and his work. Ralph Bradley is an amazing lawyer whose in-depth knowledge of the law and true concern for people has benefited our family and enriched our lives.

- E. Harper orange line spacer

I highly recommend Ralph Bradley to anyone I come in contact with that is in need of legal assistance. He is a very honest and compassionate person who will steadfastly defend and protect his clients utilizing his seasoned skill and expertise. He brings integrity to the legal profession.

- Debbie Bosche orange line spacer

Ralph Bradley is an attorney who has a lot of experience and was able to use that experience to get a great outcome in my child custody case.

- Michael R. orange line spacer

Thank you Ralph for all your hard work and dedication in helping me through all my hard time in the courts. You represented me through it all and we won every time. Thank you.

- Mary Ann Pomlee orange line spacer

Ralph Bradley’s services were consistently outstanding. He provided clear perceptive insight into the problems at hand. In addition, he gave me sophisticated legal advise and well thought out strategies for complex problems. He has been a counselor and advisor in the best sense. My children and I are deeply grateful to him for navigating very difficult waters; always with our very best interest at heart.

- Katherine A. Jernberg orange line spacer

Mr. Bradley helped us to obtain full custody of our grandchild. He is an outstanding lawyer, and we highly recommend him.

- The Hopkins Family orange line spacer

After being injured in a rear-end auto accident, I went to one of those large law firms I had seen ads for on television. While they advertised being caring and client focused, I was never able to reach a fair settlement for my injuries and I never felt they believed me. When I changed attorneys and hired Ralph Bradley I finally felt like I had an attorney I could trust that believed me. Mr. Bradley filed a lawsuit for me and was able to settle my case for over three times the amount my first attorney was able to negotiate. I highly recommend Ralph Bradley for auto accident claims.

- Sarah M. orange line spacer

My fiancé and I were injured when a car turned in front of us, causing us to slam into their car. The other driver’s insurance company offered us $1,500 to settle our claim. We hired Ralph Bradley as our attorney and received over seven times the amount originally offered. We highly recommend Mr. Bradley for anyone injured in a car collision.

- Koreen Adams

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