Oregon Family Law:

“I hired Ralph Bradley in May 1999 to assist me with custody and support issues concerning my daughter. Ralph provided me with outstanding legal service and support. He is a wonderful, kind, caring, and compassionate man who listens and understands my point of view. Ralph continues to represent me with legal issues today. I would highly recommend Ralph Bradley to anyone needing legal representation for any domestic situation. Ralph Bradley is an attorney worth retaining!”

˜ DawnMarie Powers

Oregon Family Law

With a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Special Education, Ralph Bradley brings a unique background to his family law practice.

Most family law cases are settled, without the need for trial. The best way to avoid trial is to prepare for one. Nothing works better in a courtroom than telling the truth and being completely prepared.

Clients don’t hire attorneys to come in second. If your case goes to trial, I understand that the goal is to win. That will also be the goal of the attorney representing your spouse. A good lawyer will prepare their client for trial. Our clients know how the legal system works, will know what questions will be asked, will practice answering questions (including those that are harmful to your case) prior to trial, and will have witnesses ready to testify to support your case. I view preparing for lawsuits to be similar to writing a play. You and your attorney decide what you want presented, you find witnesses who support you and you decide in advance what you want them to say, and you present your case like a script that has been prepared well.

“In my practice I preach the importance of telling the truth. There is nothing more important than telling the truth, even when the truth seems like it would be harmful. Courts will forgive most anything if someone is truthful and expresses genuine remorse. But no one forgives lying, particularly in a courtroom.”

With 28 years experience representing mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, other family members, and friends of the family, Mr. Bradley is often asked the same questions by prospective clients. Here are his thoughts on the areas covered by those questions:

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We offer a free 20 minute consultation for anyone experiencing a family law problem. We will go into greater detail into what your rights are and how we envision preparing your case.

We have represented hundreds of family law clients and would be honored to represent you. Call us at 541.344.3446 for your free consultation with a Eugene Family Law Attorney!

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