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Environmental Law

West Coast Environmental Law & Toxic Torts

More often than you’d think, people are injured or had property damaged from pollutants or other violations of environmental laws. Toxic chemicals are everywhere. What is toxic to you may not be toxic to your neighbor. Some people have been barraged with chemicals and become "chemically sensitive." These are generally the people who cannot be near anyone wearing perfume or shaving lotion. More of your neighbors have this condition than you might realize.

People can be injured when pesticides or herbicides are applied in the air and drift onto neighbors, their property, or into their water supply. Injuries can occur when underground water becomes contaminated from chemicals leaching into the ground. Injuries can occur when an electrical transformer explodes spreading dangerous PCBs in all directions. Injuries can happen when landslides occur because of poor land management.

There are special time limitations for some environmental lawsuits. An experienced attorney will know what those special limitations are and protect your interests.

Sometimes, companies violate specific environmental laws when they pollute an area or when their pollution harms a person. When that happens, in addition to suing for personal injuries, your attorney may be able to sue for the violation of the statute and seek attorney fees and costs that will help your lawsuit.

Environmental lawsuits can also include damage to property from oil spills, mold in your home, tainted water or air from exposure to lead, and damage to businesses who purchase property that is contaminated with dangerous chemicals.

Ralph Bradley is an experienced environmental attorney. The University of Oregon School of Law hosts the world’s largest citizens environmental conference. Mr. Bradley received the first award issued by this conference for excellence in environmental law. He is the only person to receive this award more than once.

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