Oregon Family Law:

“Exceptional, brilliant, and compassionate about his clients and his work. Ralph Bradley is an amazing lawyer whose in-depth knowledge of the law and true concern for people has benefited our family and enriched our lives.”

˜ E. Harper

Child Support in Oregon

Child support in Oregon is determined by a formula. You can find the formula on the Internet by looking at the Oregon Child Support Calculator ». The formula provides a “presumed amount” of child support. Various factors could result in that amount being increased or decreased.

Often people say that their spouse earns income “under the table” making it impossible to use the formula. When that happens, I find out how much money the other party spends each month. I find that through bank records, costs for rent, costs for food and utilities, and other costs. I then compare the costs with the income the person claims they are making. If the amount they are spending exceeds what they claim they are earning, a court is not likely to believe their testimony.

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